Miami Beach Bash | Size 207 MB | Runtime 18:24
.This was my first trip out to a nude beach with my video camera and as you can see I caught some gorgeous exhibitionist girls who had no problem taking their clothes off. None of these bronzed sweating beauties knew I was filming them as they unknowingly exposed every part of their bodies for my camera.

Extremely Wild Sluts | Size 283 MB | Runtime 23:25
    I caught these dirty party sluts at a wet t-shirt competition during Spring Break. You wouldn’t believe how much these dirty fucking sluts were showing off their bodies just to get male attention. They were revealing absolutely everything just to get cheers from the males in the audience. It was awesome!.

Freak Fest | Size 212 MB | Runtime 19:01
.    Oh wow, this was one of the fucking wildest wet t-shirt contests I have ever seen. These girls were doing EVERYTHING, they left nothing to the imagination. They were even rubbing their soaking wet bodies up against each other. I could tell their pussies were getting wet just being up there naked in front of an audience.

Spring Break Beach Bash | Size 208 MB | Runtime 18:00
.      After catching such awesome footage the first time on the beach I just had to go back another time. This time the footage I caught was just as fucking awesome. These girls had nothing to hide and they had no problem exposing their bronzed bodies for everyone on the beach to see.